Nuhope offers premier outpatient substance abuse treatment programs for drug, alcohol, and other addictions. Our holistic focus is what sets us apart from other drug rehab programs.

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.” – Steve Maraboli

What are Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs?

Outpatient substance abuse treatment programs are for individuals seeking education, counseling, and help with their current pattern of alcohol and/or drug use. Unlike residential (inpatient) treatment programs, a person does not move into the treatment facility or receive around-the-clock supervision. Instead, a person attends several therapies, group therapy, education, and other sessions per week and can return home afterward. For some people, this option allows them to receive the treatment they need with minimal disruption of their work or home life.

Who are Outpatient Treatment Substance Abuse Programs for?

Outpatient treatment programs are best suited for people struggling with mild to moderate substance use, or as a step down from a detox or residential (inpatient) treatment facility. If you have questions about if an outpatient substance abuse treatment program is the right level of care for you, or a loved one – call us. Our team of addiction experts can complete an assessment to see what your best options are.

Nuhope Service offers several options which allows you to customize your outpatient substance abuse treatment

What sets us apart from other outpatient substance abuse programs is both the ability to customize treatment as well as our holistic focus. Our program and education topics use the most up-to-date information on addiction, health, wellness, and recovery. Our team includes licensed Naturopathic Doctors and licensed clinical addiction counselors who have created an outpatient substance use and addiction program that focuses on all aspects of wellness – mental-emotional, physical, nutritional, and spiritual.


Our standard outpatient substance abuse program includes 6 hours per week of various types of treatment. The program is 4 weeks in duration.

The Intensive outpatient treatment program for adults and adolescents consists of:

  • 9 hours of psychoeducational and group therapy per week.
  • 1 hour of individual therapy per week (family can participate for one-hour weekly in either individual or the IOP group)
  • total program duration is 6 weeks for a total of 18 sessions.
  • Flexible hours to meet patients’ needs.

All individuals must have an assessment before admission to outpatient treatment. Adults and Adolescents have their own programs and are not combined in IOP services.

Education Topics Include

  • Understanding Substance use & Addiction
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Stress,
  • Physical Health: Nutrition, Self-care
  • Emotional Health: Anger, Managing Emotions,
  • Meditation,
  • Family Health & Communication


Nuhope Service strives to provide outpatient substance abuse treatment programs that are both customizable and holistic. Therefore we offer several add-on holistic therapies to make your recovery experience individualized to your needs.

Our team of addiction and health experts believe that all parts of your health and well-being are connected. We view recovery with a whole-person approach – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. This sets us apart from other treatment programs. In addition to our standard outpatient substance abuse treatment program, we offer several add-on holistic services including:


Experience the healing power of acupuncture for anxiety, insomnia, pain, digestive issues & more.


Reduce your stress & anxiety, learn self-regulation skills & build mental & emotional resilience.


Improve your brain function through intensive brain training exercises.

Whole Health Recovery Programs

Take your health to an all new level with our individualized Naturopathic health programs.


We understand that every person’s addiction recovery needs are different. In some cases, a person may wish to add additional individual or group sessions to their program, or a person may only need a handful of individual or group counseling sessions. In both cases, we are happy to accommodate you. Nuhope Service offers the option of add-on or stand alone sessions to ensure you receive the care you need.

Substance Abuse Assessments

This is the first step to understand what level or care is best for you.

This 2 hour assessment is performed by a licensed health care provider. The focus is to determine where you are at with your addiction as well as how best to move forward. Together, you and your provider will decide on what type of substance abuse treatment is best for your individual needs.



Nuhope Service offers 60 & 90 minute individual counseling sessions.

These sessions are ideal for working through mental and emotional traumas, blocks, and negative thinking patterns which prevent you from feeling your best.

They are also beneficial as treatment has finished to continue your healing journey.

$90/40 minute appointments

$125/60 minute appointments


Group counseling is a key component of recovery and it is a large part of our outpatient treatment program.

Group counseling fosters self-awareness, communication skills, and social skills. By listening to others, it creates a sense of community and belonging. Some people choose to continue attending group counseling  after their outpatient treatment program.



Addiction is a disease of the family. At Nuhope Service, we focus on family healing.

Substance abuse can tear families apart. Even after a person stops using, families often need to work on deeper issues, co-dependency, and strengthen communication skills. We offer family counseling for families who’s loved one is in any stage of recovery or who is still active in their addiction.

$75/45 minute appointment

$90/60 minute appointments

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, don't wait. Call us today.