Your Complete Addiction Recovery Resource.

Nuhope Service is Your Complete Resource for Addiction Treatment & Recovery

When a member of your faith-based community or your organization is struggling with addiction you may not know what to do. Nuhope Service has designed a partnership program to help you take the right steps when faced with addiction or substance abuse. We will direct you or your members to resources, education, and facilitate care with the best in the field.

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About Our Addiction Treatment Recovery Program

We partner with businesses and faith-based organizations as their first call when faced with addictions in their organization.

The purpose of our program is to improve your organization or faith-based community’s awareness of substance abuse and addiction.

In addition, it includes individual guidance on how to facilitate treatment when needed.

Access numerous resources to help both the addicted individual and their families. Talk with professionals whenever you need advice or support.

Our addiction recovery program is multi-faceted and includes:

  • An education and resource portal which includes videos and handouts to educate your team about all aspects of addiction and recovery
  • Immediate telephone access to mental health professionals for:
    • Guidance on how to help get their members to recovery resources
    • Intervention services
    • Health & behavior assessments
  • Resources to use to help family members affected by addiction
  • Ongoing Support

Nuhope is your addiction & recovery partner.

The Effects Addiction Has On Communities & Businesses

Addiction is a disease that knows no age, color, or race boundaries, and it affects 10% -20% of the population. Addiction comes in all forms, from substance abuse, gambling addictions, pornography addictions, and beyond. Addiction can destroy lives and families, and tear tear apart communities and families – but it doesn’t have to.

Addiction causes:

Isolation due to guilt and shame
Financial Instability
Lack of involvement in their community
Family conflict
Difficulty seeking help

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